High quality software

We like building applications that customers love to use. It results in higher engagement and ultimately in business success - let's reach it together?

Who we are

Software engineers, beer and chocolate lovers, experimentators deep in our hearts; we are driven together by the common desire to explore, cooperate and create great digital experiences.


We strive to achieve the highest quality possible utilizing modern tooling and industry-standard professional approach.


We are opinionated in our choice of technologies. Being open and stubborn about it means that as developers we will utilize it to the most significant advantage.

What we do

Landing pages, corporate websites, e-commerce stores, marketplace portals, full-fledged progressive web & native applications - you name it, we nail it with the latest tech.

Our developers like being technically challenged & have a chance to apply their knowledge and skills while working on the project, that's why we love challenging projects of any sort, be it the creation of a new application or complete rewrite of the old one - we're on board.

How we do

We embrace a similar approach to Google's — "Python where we can, C++ where we must" with a slight addition of JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby.

We put clients' best interests at the core of our values while striving to use the best tooling and technologies that the industry has to offer, which also enjoy high popularity and therefore be supported much longer.

Core tech

Although we are capable of wielding any technology, we try to concentrate our skills and knowledge across a select subset of great libraries and frameworks.


Our front-end library choice any day of the year if we were to pick one.


The framework of choice for web applications developed at no time.


Simplistic and very approachable front-end framework that we enjoy using.


Our favorite choice of non-blocking async I/O for event-driven back-ends.

Ruby on Rails

The most complete & developer friendly framework for web apps.


Most popular framework choice for Python-based applications.

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We would be happy to hear about your projects, plans, interests and will do our best to find a way to cooperate

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